About Us

The Founders’ Network is a group of representatives from diverse professional and occupational organisations formed to create change within the NHS in order for staff to be able to better care for patients. We were founded in July 2014 on the initiative of Clare Gerarda, Lambeth GP, Medical Director NHS Practitioner Health Programme, and Rex Haigh Medical Psychotherapist and IGA (Institute of Group Analysis) Board Member. Our network is growing.


The Founders’ Network was established in response to the recognised increasing ill health and discontent in NHS staff. Staff across the NHS feel pressurised, attacked and demoralised as a result of organisational and legislative changes. Most of us who work in the NHS or are associated with it are proud to do so.  It is a world-class health organisation and staff and patients are loyal to it.  But a fragmented system of competing providers and outsourcing, together with an unprecedented scale of change are all issues seriously compromising the ability of many to do their jobs.


We recognise that there are serious problems with working life in the NHS and these must be urgently addressed if the NHS is to have a secure future.


The Founders’ Network recognises that these problems are creating a destructive and sometimes toxic environment that threatens the success of the NHS. The absence of an empathic environment destroys the confidence, creativity and health of staff.  The NHS needs to create a fit-for-purpose environment in which it is possible to consistently plan, commission and deliver health care.


With this in mind many diverse organisations have come together to address these questions: How do we change the situation? How do we gather evidence of shared experience to demonstrate what is wrong? How do we devise solutions and inform policy makers to ensure that patient care is not compromised?