What we do

We promote and support the interests of staff working in the NHS, so that they can give their best for patient care. We are united by a common goal to affect change by understanding and improving the organisational dynamics of the NHS and the working life of staff.


We work to influence policy makers, build organisational capacity in the NHS, develop the resilience of staff and provide opportunities to exchange information, experience, and knowledge.   Our members can work together on specific issues with more efficiency and effectiveness to achieve greater impact in order to achieve our goal.


As a first step, the Founders Network has organised a series of ‘listening exercises’ for staff in the NHS; there will be three in London and several elsewhere.  These events are facilitated by group analysts from the Institute of Group Analysis, who are experts in the field of group processes and dynamics. With the evidence from these exercises we aim to produce a charter by April 2015.


We are coordinating information from other groups who are doing similar work, publishing relevant articles and papers on this site and intending to share and cooperate with all those who have similar aims.